Twitter Report Spam Script

by Doug on January 5, 2009

If you’re not a Twitter user, you should be. Increasingly the popular Twitter service has been the target of spam. Profiles with just a single post to an affiliate link etc. For some reason Twitter hasn’t added an easy way to report spam accounts despite an increasing number of attacks. This script is only a stop gap measure until Twitter gets with it and makes it easier.

twitter-spamIn order to use this script you will need Firefox and Greasemonkey. (Also works great with PowerTwitter)

The first thing you will need to do is follow the Twitter @spam account. This account will quickly follow you back at which point you will be able to send direct messages to the account.

Once you can send direct messages to @spam you will need to download the Twitter Report Spam greasemonkey script.

Next you will see a dialog box that looks like this:


Once you click install, the script will be loaded into Greasemonkey and that’s it. Now as you browse user profiles you’ll get a handy link at the very bottom right like this:report-spam-button

Now when you click the report spam link you’ll be taken to a direct message page with the users @id already filled it. If you want to provide Twitter with additional details feel free to include them.

direct-message-spam-examplePlease note that this script is provided without warranty or support but simply as a service to the community. If the script breaks your computer we’re sorry, we’ve tested it and by downloading it you’re agreeing that we’re not responsible for anything that happens because of it. The script has been tested and appears to work on the latest version of Firefox and Greasemonkey as of 01/06/09

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  • mediaChick

    Incredibly informative and timely. With the recent flood of new twitter spam accounts I’ll definitely be installing this script.

    Thanks Null!

  • johnie1

    Ha, just got spam, looked for a way to report it (had to google), found the @spam account. Bit later i thought “some genius is bound to have made a script for this”, searched, found this, top work Sir, thank you very much.

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