What does it mean to “Like” something?

by Doug on August 7, 2010

It seems that everything has a “Like” button now days. Apparently 65 million Facebook users “Like” things on a daily basis. Here are two things to consider with the “Like” revolution.

First is your business taking advantage of it? Are you making it easy for users to spread your products, services and ideas? If not you’re missing out on a huge market segment. There are a lot of ways to leverage this but start with a plan. Also if folks aren’t sharing your ideas in real life, it’s not very likely that they’re going to share them virtually either.

Secondly, what do you like? Are you careful or liberal with what you “Like”? Facebook is starting to allow people to touch your news feed if they’ve liked your page so if you’re a liberal liker you could end up with a very interesting news feed. I often see folks “Like” dozens of pages within Facebook at a time (perhaps) without the realization that these pages can see a lot more about you than they might think (and so can other people who “Like” those pages) and that they’re opening their news feeds up to anything that’s posted to these pages. There are also a lot of privacy implications surrounding the “Like” pages, some worth more consideration than others. Just like the dangers of Foursquare stalking, being aware of what you share and what you “Like” definitely deserves some consideration.

How much do you share? Do you care if people and companies have the ability to see deep into your personal life?

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